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I am delighted to say that when we were on holiday in San Francisco I asked hopeina  to marry me. Thankfully, she said yes.
She said yes
This makes me an extraordinarily lucky man.
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Subcontinental CS reps engaging in witty scripted banter about the new year is just plain strange. Especially when you have to ring back a couple of times and get different people thus proving that they're working off a dialogue tree rather than actually interested in your party plans. It really puts the lameness of most RPG conversation systems into perspective as you realise just how false it appears.
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a gamertag

I get a lot of email into my gmail that isn't for me. This is to be expected, and no, it isn't spam but i have the (fairly common) firstname.surname (which is also firstnamesurname) and many people in the world just can't read, write or understand. But this is a new low.
Someone seems to have linked their Xbox live gamertag to this address, no worries as far as I'm concerned except that I could clearly 0wn them if required. Thus the emailed greeting this morning:
"Dear Boomhauerbiatch,  This mail is confirmation that you successfully purchased Xbox Live 2000 Microsoft Points bundle on Wednesday, December 19, 2007..."
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I don't think I've spoken here about just how much I love Tomboy. I've tried other note taking or task management programs or websites, most notably tadalist which is actually very good. I do so many things intermittently and have to relearn them each time that having a sort of digital scrapbook of HOWTOs and the like which is easily searchable and trivially easy to add to is a life saver in very many ways. If you use Linux, you need to use this tool. If you use Windows, good news! The next release should be available on your platform too, keep your eyes open.
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does anyone (in london, who i can meet to hand it over) want a silly and quite tacky threadless branded drinks cooler thing? I just bought a load of new tshirts and it came for free but it's spectacularly useless and thus doesn't have a place in my new, mostly cleared of tat, life.

Update: Here's a photo:

Unwelcome Corporate Tat